August 09, 2006
Dorkmentum Strikes Again

Is there a level so low Joementum can’t reach it?

As I write, 73 percent of Connecticut’s precincts have reported, and Lamont leads Lieberman 51-48.

The high and wide spaces of the atrium in the Goodwin Hotel in Hartford were crammed with about 200 international, national and local news reporters milling about with a few dozen Lieberman supporters and operatives, amid bunches of red, white and blue balloons stretching on strings toward the towering columns and arches above them. More than 25 TV cameras on tripods, on three levels of risers, were all trained on a stage with a huge American flag hanging vertically as a background behind a lectern with a sign that said “Joe Lieberman Fighting for Connecticut.”

One of the news crews was from a Japanese TV network. Correspondent Yasushi Komatsu traveled with a cameraman and producer from the New York bureau of TV Asahi America Inc., because of the Lieberman-Lamont primary’s significance in Japan. “People in Japan are interested in the war in Iraq and how it is going to develop,” he said. “The result of the election could be interpreted to mean the American people are saying yes or no to what Bush is doing in Iraq.”

And the 653,055 Democrats of Connecticut (there are 427,803 Republicans) are doing their part by showing up at the polls in huge numbers.

Based on reports from polling stations, the state was on track to break its previous record for turnout in a statewide primary, which was 38.8 percent in the 1970 Senate race. State officials said turnout could be as high as 45 or even 50 percent.

Couldn’t have anything to do with anti-war sentiment, though, right? Must be sabotage by those notoriously double-dealing Lamont folks, preventing Joementum HQ from reaching out to those loyal supporters who would have dropped everything and sought out their polling station had their computers notified them that today was the critical day.

The final hours of the primary day campaign between Mr. Lieberman and Mr. Ned Lamont were consumed by an angry dispute over assertions that Lamont supporters had crashed the Lieberman campaign Web site and disrupted its internal communications network.

Through the afternoon, Lieberman advisers complained bitterly over the collapse of its Web site, which they blamed on unnamed “political opponents.”

Yet it was not clear who was at fault. The advisers said they had no evidence implicating the Lamont campaign and could not explain the precise nature of the problem, except to say that the campaign server’s bandwidth had been overwhelmed. Lamont aides and Internet bloggers who oppose Mr. Lieberman, however, said the problem appeared to be that the campaign did not spend enough money to host a Web site that could handle high traffic.

Mr. Lieberman’s campaign manager, Sean Smith, said the online blackout was tantamount to voter suppression, because it disabled e-mail and left aides without a tool to communicate with tens of thousands of supporters on primary day.

You’re no doubt aware of the Senator’s reputation as a leader in the use of the internet in last-minute GOTV operations.

More than in recent days, the senator came across as both contrite and self-satisfied in the closing days of the campaign. He lamented that he had not “clarified” his criticism of the war and the White House earlier, but he also argued that Republicans were “salivating” over the possibility that Democrats would pick an antiwar liberal instead of Mr. Lieberman.

“They are anxious to say the left wing is taking over, the antisecurity wing,” Mr. Lieberman said of Republicans.

That’s us, the wing that’s against security. Whatever you call us, Senator Dorkmentum, you had better start looking for an artistic outlet for your holier-than-thou warmongering, because your political career is kaput. You can pass the word to your DLC clones, if you’re still connected to the hive.

Truth be told, it’s by no means inconceivable that anti-Lieberman folks might orchestrate a denial-of-service attack on the Lieb’s web site. But why do it on the day of the primary? It all sounds too much like a Rove trick to me…

In the end, even if Joe regains his Mentum and wins the Democratic primary, the antisecurity wing of the party is making a statement: that it’s not enough for the Democratic party to listen, to feel our pain. Policy is where the rubber meets the road; and the policy change rank-and-file Democrats are demanding is not anti-security, it’s anti-war. The current war has brought the predictable destruction on our heads: increased instability in the Middle East, volatile oil prices affecting markets worldwide, huge increases in the motivation and opportunities for terrorism, and so on. Not to mention the rank hypocrisy of having American troops there to begin with.

The DLC wing will no doubt complain that this is a recipe for disaster, that it will split the Democratic vote and elect Republicans. I expect this has happened, and will happen again. But I will not vote for a candidate who does not oppose the war and advocate redeployment of our troops in Iraq as quickly as possible.

Four Presidential elections ago, I voted for Ron Daniels, whose platform was based on the proposition that we should halve the defense budget. Immediately. We should spend half the savings on retooling the factories and retraining the workers who depend on the military for a living, and spend the other half on infrastructure, which even in 1992 was seriously in need of modernization.

Cicero supposedly ended every speech he made in the Senate, regardless of the topic, with the words “Carthage must be destroyed”. I’m thinking of ending every post with “Instead of war, education and health care”.

UPDATE: Lieberman has conceded, but vowed to do everything he can to defeat the Democrat in November. Gracious even in defeat, that’s a dork for you.


Posted by Chuck Dupree at August 09, 2006 12:04 AM
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This morning on C-SPAN I saw Donna Brazil call for Lieberman to abandon his independent candidacy and support the Democratic nominee. So even the DLC talkshow punditry has had enough.

Posted by: Joyful Alternative on August 9, 2006 9:33 AM

Lieberman's run as an independent just confirms what a scumbag he is.

Posted by: tom on August 9, 2006 9:54 AM

via TalkingPointsMemo:

Apparently Lieberman's campaign also filed a complaint with the FBI, but it was then shown there was no attack or hack on the website. The FBI is considering bring charges against individuals in the Lieberman's group for knowingly making false charges.

Lieberman continues to sing one note, Me Me Me Me Me......

Posted by: m on August 9, 2006 8:29 PM
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