July 23, 2006
Too Funny Except For the Dog

Is this not the stuff of which great comedy is made? Ya, I think so.

Three police officers were accidentally shot Sunday as one or more officers took aim at a pit bull attacking a member of their crew, police said. All were in stable condition.

The three officers suffered minor graze wounds and a fourth was bitten, said police Officer Doris Garcia.

The men had been responding to a dispute between a landlord and tenant in a Bronx building when the animal ran from another floor and attacked one of the officers, police said. The dog was killed by the gunfire.

Update: When originally posted there was a bad link to the story and now I can't find it. So sorry. That is the whole report anyway.

Update: It seems when you're guest blogging you tend to make all the stupid little mistakes you normally do on your own site, but you don't catch them. Argh!

Hey, cut me some slack. I'm new at Movable type.


Posted by SPIIDERWEB™ at July 23, 2006 11:31 AM
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