July 02, 2006
Joe and the Volcano

All of official Washington seems amazed that activist Democrats are opposing Senator Lieberman's reelection. He was just your party’s nominee for vice president, they say, it’s disloyal and impertinent, and he’s had a good voting record on traditional Democratic issues for a long time.

It isn’t my battle. I’ve got enough of a headache with Pennsylvania’s Senate race, and Rick Santorum is more problematic than Joe Lieberman. But as an activist Democrat who’s heard a lot about Connecticut politics lately, I think I can shed some light on this murky matter.


Whenever I turn on the television, I see Senator Lieberman supporting the Bush administration on seemingly every fool idea it comes up with. Then Republicans and the corporate media talking heads trumpet “bipartisan support for the president’s” idiotic nomination, budget, whatever. Other Democratic senators who agree with an administration proposal here or there are not publicity hounds on TV from first thing in the morning till late at night. If the senator takes over as secretary of defense, as is rumored to be his fondest desire, then perhaps we’ll see an end to this barrage of “bipartisan,” which means Republicans plus Joe.

Another matter that has infuriated some Democrats is his antichoice stance, which in his home state has made him seem nasty. Some Connecticut hospital emergency rooms, apparently because of the religious affiliations of the owners or the staffs, refuse to provide morning-after contraceptives to rape victims. When asked about this problem, Senator Lieberman’s answer was that the raped woman or girl has the option of leaving and going to another hospital emergency room, of which there are many in Connecticut. He doesn’t seem to have any sympathy for an emotionally and perhaps physically traumatized crime victim being told to go find someplace she likes better, if she’s such a tramp she isn’t willing to spend the next nine months and then the rest of her life reliving her rape if “God” blessed her with a pregnancy. His sympathies lie with the powerful owners who choose to unscientifically and irreligiously equate a morning-after pill for a rape victim with murder.

Regardless of his behavior, no doubt every Democrat in Connecticut would vote for Joe if the ballot listed Lieberman versus Santorum, but I can understand why they’d want a senator who has more empathy for women and less sympathy for the White House, even if he is a famous establishment figure.

(Other versions of this blog post were previously submitted as letters to the editors of Time magazine and Philadelphia Jewish Voice.)


Posted by Joyful Alternative at July 02, 2006 03:46 PM
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I posted on this before. We have to vote for those who vote for us and not for the Repugs. It's really that simple. I don't care if they're a Whig if they vote Dem.

The only downside I can see is we won't get committee posts, which is a big downside, but we need the votes first and foremost.

When you're trying to get somewhere, it doesn't matter if you ride a zebra or a burrow as long as it gets you to your destination.

Posted by: SPIIDERWEB™ on July 2, 2006 8:57 PM

Phooey, Spiidey, I messed up. This was originally in response to a Time article on how those nasty Democratic activists are supporting a nobody named Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary, against good old Joe, who's so popular in Washington and a very important person.

Posted by: Joyful Alternative on July 2, 2006 9:55 PM

Lieberman and I go way back, even before Joementum. When he ran for re-election to the Senate last time, his opponent was the Republican mayor of Waterbury, one Philip Giordano. Giordano went down to a crushing defeat despite my vote for him and was later sentenced to 37 years in federal prison for getting hummers from two prepubescent girls in the mayor's office. Balancing things out, though, I still don't regret violating, just this once, my lifelong policy of never voting for a Republican.

Posted by: Jerry Doolittle on July 4, 2006 12:39 PM
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