July 26, 2006
I'm with Molly Ivins
Dear desperate Democrats, here's what we do. We run Bill Moyers for president. I am serious as a stroke about this. It's simple, cheap and effective, and it will move the entire spectrum of political discussion in this country. Moyers is the only public figure who can take the entire discussion and shove it toward moral clarity just by being there.

Could Bill Moyers win? Molly thinks not.

Do I think Bill Moyers can win the presidency? No, that seems like a very long shot to me. The nomination? No, that seems like a very long shot to me.

Then why run him? Think, imagine, if seven or eight other Democratic candidates, all beautifully coiffed and triangulated and carefully coached to say nothing that will offend anyone, stand on stage with Bill Moyers in front of cameras for a national debate ... what would happen? Bill Moyers would win, would walk away with it, just because he doesn't triangulate or calculate or trim or try to straddle the issues. Bill Moyers doesn't have to endorse a constitutional amendment against flag burning or whatever wedge issue du jour Republicans have come up with. He is not afraid of being called "unpatriotic." And besides, he is a wise and a kind man who knows how to talk on TV.

It won't take much money--file for him in a couple of early primaries and just get him into the debates. Think about the potential Democratic candidates. Every single one of them needs spine, needs political courage. What Moyers can do is not only show them what it looks like and indeed what it is, but also how people respond to it. I'm damned if I want to go through another presidential primary with everyone trying to figure out who has the best chance to win instead of who's right. I want to vote for somebody who's good and brave and who should win

Imagine a campaign including the candidates' actual positions and opinions. Now that would be novel.

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Posted by SPIIDERWEB™ at July 26, 2006 05:01 AM
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oh i am SO on board w/ that. one of the great morally authoritative voices of the past 100 years. would he run??

Posted by: r@d@r on July 26, 2006 2:51 PM

Maybe someone needs to start a movement. I think, in principle, Moyers would be willing to run and he wouldn't stay in the race if he were to win the primary. It would be fun anyway.

Posted by: SPIIDERWEB™ on July 26, 2006 5:29 PM

Go Moyers!!

Posted by: on July 27, 2006 9:49 AM
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