June 17, 2006
Even a Stopped Watch…

The almost unbelievably appropriately named Jörg Haider — of course, it’s really pronounced Hider, but it looks like Hater to American eyes — is an odd case. He has expressed some sympathy for National Socialism and has hung out with Waffen-SS veterans. He’s strongly anti-immigrant and anti-European Union, but he supported Turkey’s bid for entry to the EU. (Perhaps he thought that would hurt the Union.)

Apparently even a stopped watch is right twice a day.

Haider, whose group is part of Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel’s government coalition, said Bush’s meeting with his European peers on Wednesday was pointless as he did not expect the U.S. president to pay attention to what Europe had to tell him.

“He is a war criminal. He brought about the war against Iraq deliberately, with lies and falsehoods,” Haider said in an interview with Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse.

Hard to argue with that. The article duly notes Haider’s unsurprising connections with Gaddafi and Saddam. It also cites a Eurobarometer poll.

The poll showed 62 percent thought the United States played a negative role for world peace, up from 56 percent in the same poll in 2003, Die Presse said, and 49 percent found the U.S. role in fighting terrorism negative.
Posted by Chuck Dupree at June 17, 2006 01:54 PM
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