May 23, 2006
The Republican Party — The Party of “The Elite”

Leave it to the Republican Party to once and for all prove that they are the party of the elite, despite their rhetoric to the contrary. It has come to our attention that Representative Jake Knotts, Republican Senator from South Carolina, famously quoted on this blog previously as saying:

“The governor didn’t mean for the pigs to do what they done. If you pick up a pig and squeeze it, something’s going to come out. I’m sure the governor didn’t know that.”
wants to make it a requirement that all elected officeholders in South Carolina possess a four year college degree.

However, as mentioned in the Charleston, SC, Post and Courier,

“…experience has shown that completing an undergraduate education doesn’t necessarily translate into judgment and maturity, qualities that every candidate for constitutional office needs in abundance.”

No doubt truer words were never spoken. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a movement. Not that we don’t have enough educated fools already in office, State Senator Knotts and President Bush being two fine examples.

educated fool.jpg


Posted by Buck Batard at May 23, 2006 03:49 PM
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As the saying goes, "there is no relationship between the three virtues of intelligence, wisdom, and education."

Posted by: qubit on May 23, 2006 9:36 PM

Some of the most stupid people I've ever met had advanced degrees. Some of the most intelligent had no education whatsoever.

Posted by: spiiderweb on May 23, 2006 11:31 PM
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