May 02, 2006
Let’s Impeach the President

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard Neil Young’s new album, which you can stream for free over the net.

For my money, the best song is “Let’s Impeach the President”. Fox News — yes, Fox — says:

Neil Young’s new album, “Living with War,” is an incendiary, moving, totally American document of peaceful protest that is going to make a lot of people crazy one way or another.

And there’s no doubt that the centerpiece of the album, a song called “Let’s Impeach the President,” performed as a melodic, rocking campfire ode, will be what causes the most controversy.

Fox claims to be the first to publish the lyrics:

Let’s impeach the president for lying
And leading our country into war
Abusing all the power that we gave him
And shipping all our money out the door

He’s the man who hired all the criminals
The White House shadows who hide behind closed doors
And bend the facts to fit with their new stories
Of why we have to send our men to war

Let’s impeach the president for spying
On citizens inside their own homes
Breaking every law in the country
By tapping our computers and telephones

What if Al Qaeda blew up the levees
Would New Orleans have been safer that way
Sheltered by our government’s protection
Or was someone just not home that day?

Let’s impeach the president
For hijacking our religion and using it to get elected
Dividing our country into colors
And still leaving black people neglected

Thank god he’s cracking down on steroids
Since he sold his old baseball team
There’s lot of people looking at big trouble
But of course the president is clean

Thank God

Can there be any doubt at this point that Bush has done great things for this country? His dishonesty, ineptitude, and violence have made clear the true function of the government of the United States: to steal from the poor and give to the rich. This is not new; Clinton, for example, did exactly the same thing, but slickly. Kerry would have done it too; and he would have gotten away with it, because he doesn’t immediately strike one as a scumbag, like Cheney does.

Bush has made it impossible for those whose views of the world have some basis in reality to ignore this central fact. Of course there is the crazification factor: if 27% of voters will choose Alan Keyes, then something between a quarter and a third of Americans are immune to information. But even Republicans are revolted by the budget deficit, the kowtowing to the oil companies, the lies that led to the war, the selective leaking of classified information, the illegal wiretaps, and in general the attempt to create an imperial Presidency.

The President has followed through on his promise to be a uniter. As Neil says, Thank God.

Posted by Chuck Dupree at May 02, 2006 02:17 AM
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You claim that Clinton also stole from the poor to give to the rich. Yes, he did pass welfare "reform", but in the main, you are WRONG. He led off his administration by increasing revenues by making the income tax more progressive. His policies led to an economic boom that reversed the decline in the median wage. That is important. He failed to reform health care, but he tried hard and spent political capital in the effort. And remember that he was able to accomplish these good things despite having a Gingrich (or worse) Congress for 6 of his 8 years.


Posted by: Craig Nelson on May 2, 2006 12:55 PM
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