April 04, 2006
The Do-Nothing Congress Of George Bush And The Republicans

Now, this is something:

Congress is poised to meet fewer days this year than the notorious 1948 legislative body dubbed by President Truman as the “Do-Nothing Congress.”

The average number of days lawmakers spend in session has dwindled over the decades, but legislators are on track to be in Washington fewer than 130 days in 2006.

“The ‘do-nothing’ nickname worked for Harry Truman, and Democrats are reviving it again this year,” said Richard Semiatin …

It’s not like we don’t have problems they could be coping with: war in Iraq, the implosion of our prestige overseas, health care, the prescription drug fiasco, global warming … where are our leaders when we need them?


Posted by Wayne Uff at April 04, 2006 11:56 PM
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