April 07, 2006
Secretary Bodman Gets One Right
Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman has decided to abolish his department's Science Advisory Board, a panel of experts that has served energy secretaries since the Carter administration. The board includes scientists, business leaders and former government officials who assign thorny technical questions from the secretary to subcommittees that respond with detailed reports. A spokesman for Mr. Bodman confirmed the decision, first reported in the journal Nature, and said Mr. Bodman, a former chemical engineer, judged the board to be unnecessary after President Bush set the department agenda in his State of the Union address.

I certainly agree with Bodman 100 percent: based on the clear policy enunciations of the Weakener-in-Chief, there is no doubt that the Science Advisory Board is not necessary. Only presidents with an interest in conforming policies to scientific realities would have a use for such a board, so Bodman is correct that any further support for the SAB at this point would be money down a rathole.


Posted by Wayne Uff at April 07, 2006 06:22 AM
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The story of many lives. Is it better to not participate in a corrupt system, to just quit, to agree to no longer be a part of it. To wait it out. Slip off into the mountains under the Nazi's. To refuse to be a part of HUAC. To not sign an oath under Truman. To, as Mary Chapin Carpenter said a number of years ago, to agree to not do this:

When we were young, we pledged allegiance every morning of our lives The classroom rang with children's voices under teacher's watchful eye. We learned about the world around us at our desks and at dinnertime. Reminded of the starving children, we cleaned our plates with guilty minds. And the stones in the road shone like diamonds in the dust. And then a voice called to us to make our way back home

When I was ten, my father held me on his shoulders above the crowd
To see a train draped in mourning pass slowly through our town
His widow kneeled with all their children at the sacred burial ground
And the TV glowed that long hot summer with all the cities burning down

And the stones in the road flew out beneath our bicycle tires
Worlds removed from all those fires as we raced each other home

And now we drink our coffee on the run, we climb that ladder rung by rung
We are the daughters and the sons, and here's the line that's missing

The starving children have been replaced by souls out on the street
We give a dollar when we pass, and hope our eyes don't meet
We pencil in, we cancel out, we crave the corner suite
We kiss your ass, we make you hold, we doctor the receipt

And the stones in the road fly out from beneath our wheels
Another day, another deal, before we get back home

And the stones in the road leave a mark from whence they came
A thousand points of light or shame, baby, I don't know

I don't know. But that's what I did.
And I'm glad. I'm glad I'm just fortunate enough to be able to do it. Thats all I do.

I'm here.

I wish everybody could, except I'm glad to be here.

If everybody could just be here, and not anywhere else, we could change the world today!

We could make them bow down on their knees to us.

Posted by: Buck on April 7, 2006 4:53 PM

What I meant to say was:


I'm lucky. No kids, no obligations.
Most folks aren't.

...but I'm with Joe Bageant.
It's gonna take a STRIKE!
...and strike means more things today than what it did in the old days. They've got us over a barrel now. On the other hand, we have more power now.

...we can cancel our cable, cancel the paper, cancel the cellphone, cancel our credit card payments, etc. etc.

They're moving us there and it will happen, probably sooner rather than later.

Posted by: Buck on April 7, 2006 6:14 PM
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