April 08, 2006
Curtis Lemay Bush — Apocalypse Now

I read somewhere years ago that Vice Presidential Candidate General Curtis Lemay was quickly ushered off the stage when he mentioned using nuclear weapons in Vietnam. George Wallace, his running mate, was ruined by this revelation. Sane minds agreed that LeMay was nuts and Wallace’s campaign was ruined. More can be read about Lemay here and here. Cuckoo crazy nuts are not supposed to be allowed to be the President or Vice-President. At least that’s the way it has been since the nuclear age.

However, Revelation is an entirely different word in the twenty first century. Think Progress tells us, based on a Seymour Hersh article in The New Yorker:

The administration of President George W. Bush is planning a massive bombing campaign against Iran, including use of bunker-buster nuclear bombs to destroy a key Iranian suspected nuclear weapons facility, The New Yorker magazine has reported in its April 17 issue.

…The former intelligence officials depicts planning as “enormous,” ”hectic” and “operational,” Hersh writes.

In recent weeks, the president has quietly initiated a series of talks on plans for Iran with a few key senators and members of the House of Representatives, including at least one Democrat [My bet is it’s Lieberman], the report said.

Get ready for Armegeddon.



Posted by Buck Batard at April 08, 2006 02:16 PM
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I have been anticipating this for several weeks. Cheney is trying to put us in the situation where we have no recourse but nukes - that the Iranians are just minutes away from getting their own nukes, we don't have the troops to do anything on the ground in Iran (if we ever did), and their facilities are too deeply buried for conventional bombs to reach them. And here we are. This administration is batshit insane, out to destroy the world.

Posted by: Carl Manaster on April 8, 2006 5:20 PM

Iranian Armageddon, the ultimate subject changer. Well, thank God, the Middle East won't be destabilized. If Saddam were in power, we could have used him to attack Iran. But I hear he's tan, ready, rested, and available. Look at the bright side. We will be reducing our nuclear arsenal somewhat.

This makes so much sense. This is the only way that Bush and Cheney can save this presidency from double digits. No doubt the American people will rally around the flag. Maybe they can bring back Powell to lay out the case before the U.N.

Posted by: t on April 9, 2006 10:15 AM

Hersch's article only confirms what I was expecting from listening to the news. (I haven't actually read it yet, but I've printed it and will take it to bed with me tonight -- along with a glass of strong drink and see which knocks me out first.)

I have one question. Under what authorization is Bush intending to attack another country, nevermind the nuclear overtones?

Posted by: Lucy from the HOF&TS on April 9, 2006 8:20 PM
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