March 03, 2006
Past Progressive, II

Another reminder that periods of savage inequity are nothing new in American history — and yet liberal Democrats have dug us out of similar holes before. The estimable Grover Cleveland was not a progressive Democrat, but a conservative one. Nonetheless there were limits to the elasticity of his craw:

”The gulf between employers and the employed is constantly widening, and classes are rapidly forming, one comprising the very rich and powerful, while in another are found the toiling poor …

”The communism of combined wealth and capital, the outgrowth of overweening cupidity and selfishness, which insidiously undermine the justice and integrity of free institutions, is not less dangerous than the communism of oppressed poverty and toil, which, exasperated by injustice and discontent, attacks with wild disorder the citadel of rule.”



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at March 03, 2006 02:51 PM
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