March 02, 2006
Charity Begins at Home

Of course, in the Gospel according to Rick, charity really does begin “at home”. In this case, a very, very large home indeed. One that makes Tara in Gone with the Wind look like the cookhouse out back. To see the story behind what God hath begotten, today’s Philadelphia Daily News gives us another example of what the the corrupt crowd in power has given us in the latest attack that we know of on America. And there’s more to this sordid story here.

The largest known giver to a controversial charity founded by U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum made its $25,000 donation as the senator was working to win as much as $8.5 million in federal aid for the donor’s project in Delaware County.

Federal tax records show that Preferred Real Estate Inc., the developer of the Wharf at Rivertown project in Chester, wrote the check to Santorum’s Operation Good Neighbor Foundation in 2002.

Pictures, and more of them here courtesy of SANTORUM CYBERGATE.



Posted by Buck Batard at March 02, 2006 12:12 PM
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