February 17, 2006
History May Not Repeat Itself …

… but it sure does rhyme:

That was then …

Progress is being made in determining who leaked the name of an undercover CIA official’s name, Attorney General John Ashcroft said Thursday, as he sought to rebut criticism of his decision to retain control of the investigation. …

But the attorney general told reporters that the Justice Department's counterespionage unit, led by 30-year career prosecutor John Dion, is handling the case with “promptness and completeness and professionalism.”

This is now:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales brushed aside requests on Thursday that he remove himself from the investigation of Jack Abramoff and the lobbyist’s ties to Bush administration officials and members of Congress.

Gonzales, who was White House counsel for four years before taking over at the Justice Department, said the inquiry is being run by career prosecutors who are not influenced by politics.


Posted by Wayne Uff at February 17, 2006 09:36 AM
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