January 11, 2006
The Right To Kill Pedestrians

The ACLU is a tremendous organization which over the years on balance has helped strengthen this nation a great deal, and in particular we need the ACLU’s services now. Still, they often cheapen the concept of civil liberties by taking up causes of trivial or dubious importance, such as the right of school children not to wear uniforms.

And, occasionally, the ACLU’s causes are not just trivial, they are actively outrageous and harmful to the health of the republic. For instance, they now are backing the right of motorists to conceal facts such as “that a New Jersey man was traveling 101 mph five seconds before a crash that killed a high school senior …”. The information was collected by one of the so-called “black boxes” that are now installed on new cars, and record several seconds of driving information. To which I say, “good.”


Posted by Wayne Uff at January 11, 2006 10:23 PM
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