January 25, 2006
Recycling Arlo Guthrie

A friend of mine says:

Can you imagine 50 people a day walkin’ in, singin’ a bar of Alice’s Restaurant, and walkin’ out? Why, they’d think it’s some kind of movement.

That’s exactly what it is. Again.

I’d like to start a peaceful campaign against unwarranted invasion of privacy, the kind of thing that might easily catch on with your help. All you need to do is say every now and then in public,

“Nothing to see here, Mr. Vice President. Move along.”

I figure someone within range of my voice might be more clued in than I am and really, really get what Clayton means, most people won’t get anything at all beyond another street mutterer to steer clear of, and some people, the ones I’d be targeting, would at some level grasp “improper snooping” + “vice president.”

It’s a meme to promote, like writing IMPEACH on your dollar bills. You have been doing that, haven’t you?


Posted by Joyful Alternative at January 25, 2006 08:55 AM
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