December 15, 2005
Way to Go, Ohio!

At the risk of a certain level of self-reference, I wish to point all Bad Attitudes readers to tonight’s post at King of Zembla, because it’s so important:

…allow us to remind you that Ohio Republicans are pushing legislation that would make it illegal to challenge a presidential vote count, and exempt electronic voting machines from recounts by random sampling, “even in close, disputed elections like those of 2000 and 2004.” Remember those exit polls that were so far off the mark in November, 2004? A year later, with an additional 41 Ohio counties switching over to Diebold, the discrepancies were even worse:
On the Sunday before the Tuesday 2005 election, the [Columbus Dispatch poll] predicted Issue Two would pass by a vote of 59% to 33%, with about 8% undecided. But Tuesday’s official vote count showed Issue Two failing with just 36.5% in favor and 63.5% opposed. For that to have happened, the Dispatch had to have been wrong on Issue Two’s support by more than 20 points. Nearly half those who said they would support Issue Two would have had to vote against it, along with all the undecideds.

The numbers on Issue Three are equally startling. The Dispatch showed it winning with 61%, to just 25% opposed and some 14% undecided. Instead just 33% of the votes were counted in its favor, with 67% opposed, an almost inconceivable weekend turnaround.

No other numbers were comparable on November 8, 2005, or elsewhere in the recent history of Dispatch polling. The startling outcome has thus raised even more suspicion and doubt about the use of electronic voting and tabulating machines in Ohio, which account for virtually 100% of the state’s vote count.

In case you’re curious, Issue Two would have made it easier for Ohioans to vote. Issue Three would have instituted campaign finance reform.

Posted by Chuck Dupree at December 15, 2005 03:21 AM
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