December 18, 2005
Like Nixon

Comparisons of Iraq and Vietnam are old hat. The New New Thing is analogies between Bush and Nixon.

“You know, it’s irony on a base level, but I like it. It’s real basic irony, but still you can get a hoot.” — Bill Hicks.

The New York Times said the presidential order allowed the National Security Agency to track international telephone calls and e-mails of hundreds of people without the court approval normally required for domestic spying.

Bush said the disclosure was improper. “Revealing classified information is illegal, alerts our enemies, and endangers our country,” he said.

It’s not the total disregard for civil liberties (and indeed for the rule of law itself), or the outing of a CIA NOC, that endangers our country. It’s the newspapers reporting same.

Like Nixon, he’s blaming it all on the media.


Posted by Chuck Dupree at December 18, 2005 02:24 AM
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No doubt he is also extremely upset about the Plame disclosures. Let's keep in mind that the constitution is just a fucking piece of paper.

Posted by: tstreet on December 18, 2005 10:47 AM
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