December 16, 2005
“It’s Oil, and It’s Empire and It’s Business”

By now you’ve probably heard how Howard Zinn demolished Lynne Cheney’s latest propaganda ploy, delivered, typically, to elementary-school kids. But it’s worth a re-hearing.

“Two hundred and seventeen years ago, we held our first vote under our Constitution,” the Second Lady said. “We started then on the path the Iraqis are walking now.”

It’s sort of ridiculous the juxtaposition of an election that took place in the United States after we had gotten rid of an occupying power, England, an election which represented our independence, with an election that is taking place now, which is in the midst of an occupation. … We were holding an election after ousting the occupying power.

But you might not have heard what he thinks is going well:

What’s going well is the growing rejection of the war by Americans, the growing willingness of the Americans to speak up against the war, the growing protest against high school recruiting by young people and people all over the country. What’s going well is what has always gone well — the willingness of the American people to resist the war and growing consciousness of what is wrong. The graph is moving in the direction of greater public understanding and also going in the direction of the crumbling of the legitimacy of this Administration.

If only the Democrats would get it together…

If I were Nancy Pelosi I would certainly say to my fellow Democrats, “If we want to win the next election we better get with the American people, they’re way ahead of us. The American people are forthrightly against the war and we’re forthrightly about [nothing].” The American people are much more bold and forthright. If I were any Democratic leader, if I were Howard Dean — who unfortunately has been the kind of silent head of the Democratic National Committee — I would say to my fellow Democrats, wake up. If you don’t give the American people what the American people want, then you are going to go down in history as a party that loses and loses and loses.
Posted by Chuck Dupree at December 16, 2005 11:14 PM
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