December 26, 2005
Goblet of Fire Goes to Big Time

Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, presents some awards for outstanding personalities of 2005. His first, the Gary Glitter Cup for Self-Restraint, goes to Tony Blair, for keeping “that cheerful sparkle in his eye” as all his policies go up in flames.

And now we come to the Dick Cheney “Goblet of Fire” Award for Courage in the Face of Action. And for the sixth successive year, the award goes to … the vice-president of the US … Dick Cheney!

This year the judge (who is, once again, Dick Cheney) cites in particular Mr Cheney’s fearlessness in speaking with authority on military matters despite the fact that he has never served in the military. In fact Mr Cheney received no less than five deferments rather than serve his country in uniform. Nor has he lost his nerve, despite seeing the death rate of American servicemen and women climb above the 2,000 mark. Those who have already died will be heartened by his courageous determination to risk yet more people’s lives.

Well done, Dick. The “Goblet of Fire” is yours once again.

Posted by Chuck Dupree at December 26, 2005 10:46 PM
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