November 07, 2005
Old Rich Guy Makes Bright Spot

There has not been all that much fun to be had observing Congress the past few years. One of the few bright spots, however, has been watching Frank Lautenberg’s second act as a U.S. Senator. The first time around, he was just another bland Democrat; this time around, after having been drafted at the last minute to save the seat that opened up when scumbag Democrat Robert Torricelli resigned, Lautenberg — old, rich and with no plans to move up — has opened up the throttle and is just having fun, and as a result is doing good, nation-strengthening — and, yes, entertaining — work. Avedon Carol says:

The Senate passed an appalling budget so ugly that Frank Lautenberg proposed an amendment to call a spade a spade, changing the title to the Moral Disaster of Monumental Proportions Reconciliation Act.

I hope other members of Congress take note, and join in the fun.


Posted by Wayne Uff at November 07, 2005 07:05 AM
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