November 09, 2005
Now They Tell Us

It’s great that the press is finally printing what it’s known all along:

The 9/11 Commission found that, from the White House situation room, Cheney warned the president that a “specific threat” had targeted Air Force One, prompting Bush to spend the day hiding in the bunker at Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska. There was no specific threat. In Bush’s absence, Cheney, implying an authorizing telephone call from the president, took command of the nation’s response to the crisis. There was no authorizing telephone call. The 9/11 Commission declined to make an issue of Cheney’s usurpation of powers, but the record shows it.

At world-shaping moments across a generation, Cheney reacted with an instinctive, This is war! He helped turn the War on Poverty into a war on the poor. He helped keep the Cold War going longer than it had to, and when it ended (because of initiatives taken by the other side), Cheney refused to believe it. To keep the US war machine up and running, he found a new justification just in time. With Gulf War I, Cheney ignited Osama bin Laden’s burning purpose. Responding to 9/11, Cheney fulfilled bin Laden’s purpose by joining him in the war-of-civilizations. Iraq, therefore (including the prewar deceit for which Scooter Libby takes the fall), is simply the last link in the chain of disaster which is the public career of Richard Cheney.


Posted by Chuck Dupree at November 09, 2005 03:28 AM
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And now US-troops have been applying grenades with white phosphor in Falludja. They are also using agent MK77, very similar to Napalm.
Both are chemical weapons.
They are called weapons of mass destruction, Mr. Cheney.

By the way, there is an intersting blog here:

Posted by: Peter on November 9, 2005 9:52 AM
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