November 07, 2005
America-Weakening 101, Fall Semester

The Weakener-in-Chief (a/k/a, “W”) and his Weakentroopers in Congress have opened up the fall semester adhering closely to classic textbook principles on how to weaken a nation and destroy a dream that has lasted over 200 years.

One of those first principles of nation-weakening is, of course, to destroy opportunity by driving the operation into the ground financially, while finding clever ways to disguise the scope of the plan:

The Republican-led Senate has already approved its own $35 billion budget-cutting measure that seems a model of moderation compared with the House’s proposed [$54 billion] mayhem. It is important to understand, however, that neither approach delivers the net savings being grandly claimed. An additional $70 billion worth of upper-bracket tax cuts heavily backed by the White House are waiting in the wings and will drive the deficit even deeper across generations of taxpayers. The administration and Congressional leaders arranged to separate votes on the two halves of the budget to obscure the full picture.
Posted by Wayne Uff at November 07, 2005 07:32 AM
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