November 15, 2005
A Deeply Personal Choice Between You, Your Doctor, And The President Of The United States

How to weaken and divide the country, Part 232: push the government between Americans and their doctors by meddling with the FDA’s drug-approval process for the morning-after pill for political reasons. As always, there is honor in the anti-choice position at the individual level, but no one has the right to impose even valid personal choices on another family:

According to the Government Accountability Office, top officials — some of them political appointees of President Bush — took “unusual” steps to impede the approval process.
Big government conservatism at its worst.
Posted by Wayne Uff at November 15, 2005 06:50 AM
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I hate how they've co-opted the word "conservative" because they got tired of being called what they are -- right-wing crazies -- religious fanatics -- theocratic dictator wannabe's.

They have no respect for the Constitution, no respect for the premises of Christianity (to do good) instead choosing to have fun fighting with what they consider evil. A bunch of seriously substandard human beings trying to compensate for their deficiencies by forcing everyone else to believe in their superstitions (rather than our own).

Posted by: Saintperle on November 15, 2005 3:37 PM
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