October 18, 2005
There Are Moral Journalists; They Cover Golf

It turns out that sports journalists covering golf tournaments feel a deep moral obligation to turn in players they see cheating, even when the cheating is infinitesimal and unintentional and the golfer is a 16-year old girl. Sports journalists donít write milquetoast stories giving both sides of a story; they go straight to law enforcement and see that things get set right. Why donít political journalists who witness serious wrongdoing, as opposed to minor and purely technical golf violations, feel and do the same? Robert Novak and Judith Miller being Exhibit A, but the entire American MSM being Exhibit B, on stories of clear political cheating and law-breaking ranging from Bush v. Gore to the administrationís lies to get us into the war, and from the administrationís lies pertaining to global warming to the Texas congressional redistricting crimes.


Posted by Wayne Uff at October 18, 2005 11:42 AM
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I saw that item, too, and was shocked. We journalists were always taught to never get involved in stories,or events if we can help it. Turning in a player for an infraction is an serious infraction of journalistic ethics. I guess people in the business don't care anymore what their reporters do. The guy should be fired. Bill Doolittle

Posted by: bill doolittle on October 19, 2005 5:22 AM
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