October 20, 2005
A Long Time Ago In A Place Far, Far Away

Since there have been assorted reports in the news lately indicating that the US might “have to” consider attacking Syria and Iran at some unknown date in the near future, let us pause to remember the year 1958 and the actions of the US Government that year. Goodness gracious how things change!

At 0900, 18 July, the third battalion of the 2d Provisional Marine Force, BLT 1/8 under Lieutenant Colonel John H. Brickley, landed at Yellow Beach, four miles north of Beirut. Companies A and B came ashore in landing craft and Company C, the battalion reserve, followed in LVTPs. The battalion fanned out and formed a crescent-shaped perimeter with Company B on the right flank, Company C on the left, and Company A in the center to protect the beachhead and the northern approaches to the city. The only problems encountered were those posed by the usual congregation of Lebanese spectators and ice cream and watermelon vendors. One or two of the Navy landing craft had to swerve in order to avoid some children swimming in the water.

As one reporter stated, “The whole operation had a smooth picnic look about it.”

The three Marine landings in Lebanon were only part of the American
response to the crisis in the Middle East caused by the sudden eruption of the Iraqi Revolution. The United States could not be sure how other nations would react to the American intervention and had to be prepared for any eventuality.



Posted by Buck Batard at October 20, 2005 09:19 PM
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