October 08, 2005
A Good Walk Spoiled

A guy can’t even have an innocent round of golf anymore without some busybody prosecutor trying to turn it into something dirty:

Ms. Van Gelder said her client answered investigators truthfully, since Mr. Abramoff had only made inquiries about the properties and did not in fact have “business” before his office. And she said that prosecutors were simply trying to “leverage” their case against Mr. Abramoff by pressuring Mr. Safavian to cooperate in the case against him.

As for a golfing trip to Scotland that Mr. Safavian took with Mr. Abramoff in 2002, the defense lawyer said Mr. Safavian saw it as strictly a personal trip, not professional. “A man wanted to go golfing with his friends,” she said. “It was all about golf.”

Posted by Jerome Doolittle at October 08, 2005 03:37 PM
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