October 17, 2005
A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Yglesias congratulates Gephardt for admitting that he was wrong to support the war in Iraq. While the conversions of both Yglesias and Gephardt are welcome, let’s face it: this wasn’t too hard to get right at the time. They are both three-and-a-half years late, and half-a-trillion dollars short. (Not to mention the casualties. God have mercy.)

Everybody today is focused on the nation-weakening role played by liars in and out of the government, such as Judith Miller, who got us into Iraq. But let’s not forget that even the NYT, guilty as it is, during the crucial days in March 2003 was also regularly publishing articles that told the truth about Iraq. I remember how appalled I was during the period when Colin Powell was testifying at the U.N., humiliating us and weakening our nation to no end, because during and just after Powell’s U.N. testimony, the NYT published a long string of articles (including pictures) specifically debunking every key piece of fabricated evidence relied on by Powell – and Yglesias, and Gephardt, etc. etc. In fact, the media including this site was saturated with information questioning the truth of what Powell said.

Just one example of such NYT truth-telling:

To hear senior Bush administration officials tell it, Iraq’s latest pilotless drone has the potential to be one of Saddam Hussein’s deadliest weapons, able to deliver terrifying payloads of chemical and biological warfare agents across Iraq’s borders to Israel or other neighboring states. It could even, they say, be broken down and smuggled into the United States for use in terrorist attacks.

But viewed up close today by reporters hastened by Iraqi officials to the Ibn Firnas weapons plant outside Baghdad, the vehicle the Iraqis have code-named RPV-30A, for remotely piloted vehicle, looked more like something out of the Rube Goldberg museum of aeronautical design than anything that could threaten Iraq’s foes. To the layman’s eye, the public unveiling of the Iraqi prototype seemed to lend the crisis over Iraq’s weapons an aura less of deadly threat than of farce.


Posted by Wayne Uff at October 17, 2005 08:06 PM
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