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The Critics on Kill Story

     “In Jerome Doolittle’s scabrously funny update on the corporatization and decline of American journalism, Tom Bethany must wrest control of the Cambridge Daily Banner from the conniving, cheapskate mogul who purchased the paper from the widow of the previous owner, Mike Cushing. Poor Cushing choked to death on a chunk of Polish sausage at a football game...
     “Many of the best mysteries are packed with arcana on subjects most readers might not otherwise steep themselves in, and that’s true of Kill Story. It’s a meaty primer on the business practices of the chains that now own most U.S. newspapers . . . Kill Story is the sixth in Doolittle’s splendid series . . .
     “ Doolittle’s wonderful wit and high moral intelligence are undiminished. And he interweaves plenty of colorful newspaper anecdotes, like the one about a photo staged by a Boston tabloid of an unlucky man halved by a subway train. The victim arrives at the hospital on one stretcher but somehow ends up pictured on two. The headline is ‘BISECTED!’”

     “Cleverly infiltrating the newspaper ’s staff, Tom Bethany finds a wide range of sleazy goings-on. But it ’s Doolittle ’s gleeful nonstop joking and irresistible jabs at politics and contemporary pop culture that bring the most pleasure. Reflecting on his past as a presidential campaign worker, Tom notes, ‘You can learn a lot about what ’s wrong with the world by watching how the scum beats the cream to the top. ’ We know we ’re in expert satirical hands when Boucher explains to Tom his predatory approach to business: ‘The fact of the matter, Tom, is that poor quality is the natural and necessary result of sound financial management. ’”

     “This is simply one of the best, most opinionated, and absolutely enjoyable narrative voices in contemporary crime fiction. Listen to Bethany on his politics:
     “ ‘I was against whoever was in power. Most of the time this made me look like a liberal, since nobody but conservatives ever come to power in America. The only disagreement between the two parties is over how unfair they can be and still get re-elected. ’”

To Get the Book

     The first chapter is available on this site. The entire book, in Portable Document Format, can be had as shareware.
     This full manuscript is in eleven-point type, a standard size for hard cover books. It will print in horizontal format on standard 8.5 " x ll " paper, giving the effect of an open book with facing pages. This PDF file will be sent as an e-mail attachments. Download time should be three or four minutes.
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