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Reviews of Head Lock

      “ Being a conservative person with very strong feelings about adultery and abortion, I had some problems with the plot of Jerome Doolittle’s latest Tom Bethany mystery, Head Lock. But there is no denying the appeal of the caper Bethany creates once he sets his sights on a television evangelist with political aspirations who uses religious blackmail to keep his flock in line. Bethany draws a bead on the Rev after the Rev makes serious trouble for Bethany’s lover, Hope, and her family and drives a pregnant teen-ager to suicide. Bethany recruits from his circle of strange friends and enlists the aid of a young man who truly cared about the dead girl. What they do to the Rev is imaginative, highly successful and has some truly unsuspected--and blessed--side effects.”

      “ Head Lock contains some of the most scathing satire of ultraconservatives since Richard Condon’s glory days. Conservative Republicans with high blood pressure should steer clear.”

      “ If there’s a die-hard Democrat on your Christmas list who delights in books that bash Bush, Reagan and just about every other Republican since Harding, Jerome Doolittle has provided the perfect gift with his new Tom Bethany mystery, Head Lock. It’s a very funny book that never forgets it is dealing with a very serious subject.”

     “ The characters, like John D. MacDonald’s, are well-drawn for maximum plausibility. MacDonald fans should not be much disappointed--unless they ’re Republicans.”

      “ Slick, liberal, vigilante pap.”

To Get the Book

     The first chapter is available on this site. The entire book, in Portable Document Format, can be had as shareware.
     This full manuscript is in eleven-point type, a standard size for hard cover books. It will print in horizontal format on standard 8.5 " x ll " paper, giving the effect of an open book with facing pages. This PDF file will be sent as an e-mail attachments. Download time should be three or four minutes.
     To order, e-mail Please include your name, mailing address and phone number, for our verification purposes. This information will not be made available to anyone else. The full book will then be e-mailed to you. If you like it, send five dollars.

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