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Reviews of Half Nelson

     “Doolittle’s targets . . . are the lumber giants who clear-cut the forests with a posterity-be-damned attitude. At the urging of his lady love at the ACLU in Washington, Bethany tries to protect the soft-spoken but militant leader of an ecological group called Earth Everlasting. Bethany fails but engineers a score-settling that is majestically and perhaps wickedly ingenious. It may not save the forests but it reduces the villain population and is totally satisfying.”

     “Tom Bethany makes Dashiell Hammett’s Continental Op look like a bureaucrat, Spillane’s Mike Hammer seem mild-mannered and Robert B. Parker’s Spenser downright wimpy. In Half Nelson, the ex-collegiate wrestler goes after the killers of the leader of an environmental group. The trail leads to the Pacific Northwest and the timber industry.
      “Doolittle uses his knowledge of the nefarious workings of the Justice Department and the so-called ‘tree-hugger movement’ to great advantage, combining it with his usual tight, evocative writing, in-depth characters, virtually nonstop action, and a villain who is almost admirable. Jerome Doolittle’s work hasn’t disappointed me yet, and if you like your detectives lean and mean, he won’t disappoint you either.”

     “Between the skinheads who are after environmentalist Robert Rackleff, a rogue FBI man, and timber czar Hap Overholser, Tom Bethany has his hands full. Doolittle is one of my favorite writers, and Tom Bethany is the best loner-misfit on the crime-solving scene today.”

     “A dastardly criminal conspiracy outsmarted and outsocked by a fairy-godmother vigilante: a tree-hugger’s answer to John D. MacDonald’s ‘The Green Ripper.’”

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