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       Jerome Doolittle is a former reporter, columnist, and editor for the Washington Daily News and the Washington Post. He left journalism to join the United States Information Agency in Casablanca and in Laos, where he was the embassy spokesman during the secret war waged in that country by the CIA and the U.S. Air Force.

     Upon resigning, Doolittle covered the war in Vietnam and Cambodia for various magazines and newspapers. He returned to the United States before the communist takeover of Indochina, going to work in Jimmy Carter’s press office during the 1976 Presidential campaign. For the first two years of the Carter administration he was a White House speech writer; for the last two he was chief of public affairs for the Federal Aviation Administration.

      He has taught at Harvard, and has published two books in Time-Life’s American wilderness series, as well as The Bombing Officer, a novel about the secret air war in Laos. Body Scissors was his first Tom Bethany mystery. The others are Strangle Hold, Bear Hug, Head Lock, Half Nelson, and Kill Story. Bethany is a onetime political operative, Air America pilot, and college wrestler who lives in Cambridge.

      All the Bethany mysteries are available as print-it-yourself shareware on this web site, as is The Bombing Officer. And they are newly available as trade paperbacks from iUniverse, from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble. Search under “Books” or “Author” for Jerome Doolittle. Or these new editions may be ordered from independent bookstores, which saves shipping charges and helps save independent bookstores.

     Several general comments about the books:

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Charles Champlin:
     “Doolittle ranks with Robert Parker, Elmore Leonard, Ed McBain and Ross Thomas as a high-voltage story teller, and that is exalted company.”

     “Tom Bethany is a loner who does things his way, which is stubbornly original and makes for good reading . . . Above all, the characters have a psychological heft that keeps them vibrantly alive on the page, makes them interesting and what they do believable . . . His taut writing is wired with explosive charges . . . just about a perfect political thriller.”

     “Tom Bethany is the funniest thing to come down the Massachusetts Turnpike since Spenser.”

     “Body Scissors landed Jerome Doolittle in the front rank of political thriller novelists. Written with wit, zest and insight, it’s one of the best novels about political skullduggery I’ve read in a long time. And his hero, Tom Bethany, is an irascible gem.”

     “Tom Bethany is a Travis McGee for the Nineties.”

Specific reviews are on each book’s web page, as are links to dowloads of the first chapters. To go to these pages:

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