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The Lost Poems
of Hugo Chavez


Jerome Doolittle

When Venezuelan politicians are toppled by coups they handle the problem a little differently from, say, Professor Al Gore. Once and future Venezuela president Hugo Chavez found himself with a couple of free days on his hands recently, and here’s what he told BBC News he had been up to:

“Mr. Chavez said he had not expected to return (to office) so soon and had started writing poems, though he did not have the chance to finish the first one.”

He did finish a number of others, however, some of them haikus and some in more traditional western verse forms:

The Turd Reich’s dawning
But in Venezuela’s streets
What clamor rises!

That man from Caracas, Bush muttered,
Doesn’t know on which side his bread’s buttered.
So let’s see what he’ll do
If we brew up a coup,
Though the C-word itself won’t be uttered.

We figured it for Florida,
Not some kind of
A democracy.

Dubya vowed that I was daffy to have dallied with Qaddafi,
So my eyes in shame and sorrow cast I to my palace floor.
“What’s with that insane Iraqi? Don’t you think that’s big-time wacky,
“Palling with a guy with whom I’m soon to go to war,?”
Quoth the princeling,
“Ever war.”

Well, Mr. Bush,
Who botched the putsch,
Who blew the coup,
If not for you?

Crashing and burning
On takeoff, isn’t that just
Like the CIA?

Wealthy birth instills
Contempt in the appointed
For elected peasants.

April, 2002


Copyright © 2004 by Jerome Doolittle