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The critics on Body Scissors

     “A riveting political thriller written with an insider’s savvy . . . At the same time that he skewers the practitioners of political skullduggery, Doolittle also has written a well-clued mystery that moves smartly to a jolting resolution . . . What began as a routine background check ends with the revelation of an unspeakable crime, followed by gruesome justice meted out in a sauna bath.
     “ Doolittle offers a polished performance in his first mystery. The Boston scene is a lively backdrop, the dialogue crackles with fast repartee, and the characters make an assorted and colorful cast ranging from Boston Brahmins and politicians to massage-parlor operators and pimps.”

     “In this realistic, sharply penned mystery, freelance ‘researcher’ Tom Bethany, a Vietnam veteran who has made the U.S. Olympic team, turns up the perpetrator of an unspeakable murder . . . Bethany turns to extralegal methods in his search for the truth, leading to a riveting, unpredictable resolution.”

      “Consider Body Scissors a grittier, harder-edged Ross Thomas novel, and you have a sense of what Doolittle is up to. Throw in Robert B. Parker’s Boston locale, his hero’s smart mouth and propensity for mayhem, and the sordid, skeleton-filled closets of the rich and powerful that Raymond Chandler kept opening, and you have an even better idea . . . Bethany will make the reader hope Doolittle is hard at work on number two.”

     “A four-star, two-thumbs-up, Class-A wangdoodle of a thriller. It introduces Tom Bethany, hired by a presidential aspirant’s campaign manager for a deep background check of the candidate’s choice for secretary of state. The man has a clean record, but his daughter was a murder victim two years before, and Bethany’s interest is piqued enough to cause an unforgettable attempt on his life.
     “Like an American Indian carving up a buffalo, the author wastes nothing. Everything is connected, and at the end all the loose ends are tied up in as skillful an effort as we’ve read all year. The characters are singular and unfailingly interesting, and the uses and abuses of power and privilege chillingly rendered.”

To Get the Book

     The first chapter is available on this site. The entire book, in Portable Document Format, can be had as shareware.
     This full manuscript is in eleven-point type, a standard size for hard cover books. It will print in horizontal format on standard 8.5 " x ll " paper, giving the effect of an open book with facing pages. This PDF file will be sent as an e-mail attachments. Download time should be three or four minutes.
     To order, e-mail Please include your name, mailing address and phone number, for our verification purposes. This information will not be made available to anyone else. The full book will then be e-mailed to you. If you like it, send five dollars.

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