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The Critics on Bear Hug

WASHINGTON POST, Maureen Corrigan:
     “I wholeheartedly recommend Jerome Doolittle’s Bear Hug. . . The climax is riveting--as full of tension as Christmas Eve shopping at Toys-R-Us. ”

     “Doolittle writes an extremely entertaining tale about a national outrage, with plenty of action and suspense, and even more righteous anger . . . Jerome Doolittle writes with the misanthropic passion of someone who, despite everything, cares deeply about people--regular working Janes and Joes anyway.”

     “Jerome Doolittle has another winner in Bear Hug, an often hilarious misadventure disguised as a tale of political intrigue. Bethany is perfectly cast as semi-hero, an apparent buffoon who manages to outmaneuver several sophisticated financial wizards. Doolittle’s plot has devious twists, weird characters and a wild, totally unpredictable finale.”

     “Tom Bethany is a disillusioned veteran of the CIA’s Air America operation in Laos, simultaneously drawn to and repelled by politics, a man with a bleeding heart and an iron hand.”

     “Doolittle’s political angers more strongly recall the mini-essays John D. MacDonald used to plant in his Travis McGee stories. Who but Doolittle might cite Albert Jay Nock (1873-1945) and his Memoirs of a Superfluous Man? ‘As against a Jesus,’ Nock wrote, ‘the historic choice of the mass-man goes regularly to some Barrabas.’ Nock thought about doing a humorous essay on how to recognize the Dark Ages when you’re in them. ‘You’re in them,’ Tom Bethany answers to himself, ‘when your country is hip-deep in yellow ribbons and the only sensible voices left come from Russell Baker and Doonesbury and Saturday Night Live.’”

To Get the Book

     The first chapter is available on this site. The entire book, in Portable Document Format, can be had as shareware.
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